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Servicing a boiler regularly is important when it comes to ensuring your boiler is operating efficiently. Keep in mind that a poorly maintained boiler was a significant health risk your loved ones. For instance, affordable I can result in gas emissions that might explode when exposed to a spark or fire. Such an explosion can not only cost you property but also lives if there were people inside the house when the explosion occurred.

Another fatal health risk that a faulty boiler might expose your loved ones is the carbon monoxide poisoning. It's worth mentioning that carbon monoxide has no taste or smell.  That means you can inhale it without knowledge. The bad thing about carbon monoxide is that when inhaled in large quantities it can cause death. Approximately 200 people in the United Kingdom get hospitalized each year because of carbon monoxide. Also, at least 50 people lose their lives due to carbon monoxide poisoning. This means that you have to take the initiative to ensure your boiler doesn't emit carbon monoxide to keep your family safe.

When should I call Eco Efficient to service my boiler?

You can arrange with Eco Efficient once a year get your boiler serviced. This is important to make sure your boiler functions as manufactured. Many people choose to have their boilers serviced during the winter especially when they need the appliance most. This is an important thing you should take into account when you designed to book an appointment with us to get your boiler serviced. Since the chances are that most people will be in need of similar services at the same time, it's usually prudent to make an early booking.

How do I contact Eco Efficient?

You have three different options when it comes to contacting us. If you need boiler installation or boiler repair services you can either call our client support or write an email to us. Either way, you will receive an immediate detailed response. You can also visit our official website and use the contact form available to let us know what you require. For instance, customers in need of central heating installation or central heating repair can also contact us via our website or phone call or an email.

Are you living in Stockton On Tees and you have just noticed gas and boiler leaks in your home? Contact us. It will take us the shortest time possible to arrive at your home and fix the issue within a few minutes. Note that our engineers can access the best boiler servicing technology, tools and equipment necessary in the boiler servicing process. Our engineers are also highly trained and they deliver top quality services within a short time.

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